Choosing the Right Cleanser

There are a variety of cleansers in the market that can use for facial cleansing purposes. People have different skin types, hence when selecting the right cleanser for use; you need to know your skin type first before anything else. Some of the cleansers you can buy to use for treating you skin include:

Cleaning gels – These are used mostly for oily skin surfaces to help in the removal of oil and make-up. They include:

Enzyme cleansers: this is the commonly used cleaning gel. It helps removal oil and dirt that may clog your pores which can lead to blackheads. It also exfoliates the skin which helps prevent dead skin from forming up in your pores and creating nasty build-up.

Glycolic cleansers: this is a foaming cleanser that acts as a supplement. For people with dry skin, they are required to use this cleanser twice a week while those with oily skin are required to use it thrice a week. This cleanser should not be used daily. It contains glycolic acid that promotes cell turnover through exfoliation by getting rid of dead skin. Glycolic acid is also included in facial treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels or facials. The Glycolic acid included in store bought products only has a small percentage of glycolic acid unlike medical spa grade chemical peels.

facial cleanser

Acne cleanser: it contains salicylic acid which prevent acne outbreaks and heal the existing acne by unclogging the pores. Hyaluronic acid in this cleanser helps in retaining the natural moisture of the skin thus reduces dry out. Acne cleanser is mild enough and gentle that helps prevent further skin irritation.

Cleansing creams – These cleansers are used for dry skin or aging skin. They include:

Cleansers containing rice oil and carnation: this milk cleanser is suitable for individuals who require residual oils to heal the dry skin. The carnation and rice oil moisturizes once the makeup is removed and the skin cleansed. These cleansers are not soluble in water and thus they are not required to be washed off.

Cucumber cream: it is a thick cream which is suitable in the removal of oily makeup on delicate, dry or aging skin. This cream is natural and is 100% safe on most skin types.

Cream cleansers

These are soaps used in combination skin to dissolve the makeup. They include:

Orange cleansers: contain orange extract that exfoliates gently preventing the dead cells of the skin to build up. This natural cleanser is also safe for most skin types.

Makeup remover cleansers: they are fragrance-free, oil-free and are used in removing make-up on mature and sensitive skin as well as surface debris. Every women who uses makeup should always have a good makeup remover.

Seaweed cleansers: these cleansers help in reduction of ingrown hairs which are mostly develop as result of shaving. They are therefore suitable cleansers for men, but it is also recommended for women

When buying a good cleanser always remember to first know your skin type before buying the product. Many women buy the wrong type of products and you should look for a good esthetician to help you determine your skin type. Having a treatment like a microdermabrasion skin care facial is recommend for women over the age of 30. Skin care treatments should be done at leats 3 times a year to reduce fine lines and to have a skin specialist analyze your skin.