Searching for the Best Bridal Shop in Hattiesburg

No girl has ever thought of wearing something randomly picked from her wardrobe on the best day of her life – which for most girls is definitely the Wedding Day! A fairytale wedding always starts with the essentials – the love of the girl’s life, a huge cake, all of her friends and family and last but not least – her magical wedding dress! And as much as girls know what kind of dress they would like to wear – the search for the perfect dress often turns out to be a huge burden. So, if you’re the lucky one and you’re getting married soon, or your friend is going down that road, and you’re looking for the best bridal shop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, then take a glass of champagne and get ready to explore.

Jacobs Bridal

If you’re looking for a nicely designed wedding dress that will fit you perfectly, then you have to be ready to spend a bit more than what you already had in mind. Luckily, David’s Bridal is probably one of the cheapest bridal shops in Hattiesburg, plus their service and attention to each customer will blow your mind. For a good wedding dress, be prepared to pay at least 500 dollars. However, occasionally there are insane discounts that let you buy a dress at a 75% discount, which means that you can buy your ideal dress for 150 dollars – that’s awesome!

Forrest Paper & Bridal Company

This bridal shop provides the ultimate wedding experience. There’s no doubt you will have the most stylish wedding for the season, the most hip invitations, the cutest decorations and so on. But this all comes with a price, Forrest Bridal is an exclusive dealer of the top designers and that price might not be as average as you first thought, but it definitely pays off if you want to have a visually incredible wedding without having to worry about every detail.

Karen’s Bridal & Formalwear

The dream wedding gown takes some time and effort in order to be found, therefore a 30 minutes ride outside of Hattiesburg is definitely worth it. In Laurel, you will find an incredible bridal shop called Karen’s Bridal that will probably fulfill your every need regarding the wedding. Dresses, suits, accessories, decorations – you name it, they’ve got it! And if you’re ready to pay for the wedding gown that you’ll fall in love with, then be prepared to pay at least 600 dollars for the chosen dress.

Your ideal bridal shop is just around the corner

There are several other bridal shops in Hattiesburg, so if your wedding is approaching, then make sure to prepare for try-outs. However, if you’re lacking time, then pay a visit to one of these three stores and you will definitely not make a mistake.

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