Brazilian Wax Tips

Are you planning to get the famous Brazilian wax to get hair from those sensitive body areas? Check out to get painless and attention to detail work from this waxing spa. Brazilian waxing is a highly specialized procedure and not everyone can do a good job at it. Finding a good esthetician for waxing is not like finding the best facial treatment in your city. A Brazilian wax specialist is highly sought after and in the end not all estheticians are even willing to do a Brazilian wax so it requires a special kind of person to do this job. Finding a waxing expert is not like finding the right cleanser, good research is required to find the best waxpert! Please do not hesitate to consider these tips when you finally decide to take that jump a full Brazilian wax. Some of the tips are:

1. Do not shave or apply hair removal creams prior to waxing
Waxing will only be possible if your hair is ½ inch long. Below this length, waxing is going to be a hard process which will result is subpar results alongside a painful experience.

2. Too Shy To Be Naked? You have options
If being naked in front of a stranger makes you uncomfortable, you can opt for either a triangle shape or a strip of hair to be left so that you can be waxed with your bikini on.

3. Afraid of Pain? Take ibuprofen
Of course removing of hair ‘down there’ does have pain involved, but it definitely can be minimized. It is due to this reason that many estheticians would recommend you take ibuprofen thirty minutes before coming for the waxing to help reduce the discomforts.

3. Avoid the wax during your cycle (for ladies)
It is recommended you schedule your appointment as per your cycles since this could worsen the process due to doubled pain. This is because, during your period, you are very sensitive to pain.

4. Find a specialist
Estheticians should all be licensed period. Therefore, make sure that the people you go to are trained and skilled for Brazilian and bikini waxing. Always remember not all those who claim to be specialists are actually experts. So, be keen as you select a specialist and I recommend you find someone who not only is a Brazilian wax specialist, but also someone who is a Brazilian waxing and sugaring expert.

5. Cleanliness
Before your appointment, make sure that you shower using warm water. It is also advisable you gently exfoliate the entire bikini area before going for waxing. These two activities will help to reduce the dead skin around the area to be waxed. It will also reduce sweat thus, making waxing easy. Also when you arrive at the spa makes sure the spa in clean too. You don’t want to get your waxing done in a dirty spa.

6. Avoid some medications
It is good to remember that certain medications can end up affecting waxing and so it is good to avoid them prior to your appointment. Estheticians advise those who want to get waxed need to avoid taking some drugs such as Accutane since they can result to skin sensitivity which may cause harm to you skin during waxing.

7. Avoid exercises after waxing
If you are the kind of people who hate that early hour jogging or gym, then you have a reason to say goodbye to all that for some time. This is because just after waxing, the skin is usually very sensitive and hence you do not want to disturb the waxed area. You have to heal first before you resume your exercises.

In a nutshell, the decision as to whether or not to have the Brazilian wax (one of the most sensitive waxes known) should be made carefully. Find a waxing spa or esthetician who already has credibility and plenty of online reviews. If you are more serious of permanently getting rid of pubic hair finding a good laser hair removal spa is another choice you might have. As mentioned above, anytime you are looking for a good spa simply find one online based on user reviews.