Have you updated your SEO strategy for mobile devices?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the standard tools for effective internet marketing but taking mobile devices into account may require some tweaking.

Research shows that mobile users may interact and behave very differently so have you updated your strategy to incorporate this?

Digital experts ShootScope explain just how to update your SEO strategy to get the best results for mobile devices too.

A multi-functional site

Mobile searches are now a regular feature and this means that your site needs to be optimized for visitors of all kinds.

In the past, having a dedicated mobile site was considered to be a better approach but with event of more sophisticated single sites, you can actually be penalized for creating a separate option for mobiles.

This is because as well as having to be careful not to be marked down for duplicate content, search engines reward sites which are multi-functional because their goal is to provide the user with the best possible experience.

Therefore, optimizing your site for both desktop and mobile browsing will enhance your SEO success rate.

Consider speed

Another factor which is taken into account by search engines is the speed at which your page loads.

This means that it needs to be able to load quickly and consistency on devices which may be reliant on mobile networks to stay connected. Although you can’t do anything about the quality of their connection, you can try to ensure you’ve done everything you can, including compressing your images where possible.

Don’t forget Siri

In the past, enquiries would have been entered into search engines by typing out requests but the introduction of Siri has changed all of this.

With voice searches now becoming increasingly popular, Siri will retrieve the results which best match the enquiry. SEO strategies therefore need to incorporate the different style likely to be adopted with voice-based searches rather than just traditional written commands.

Make it easy

In many cases, customers use search engines simply to find out your contact details rather than to discover a new company.

It’s therefore a good strategy to reduce the number of steps required to view your contact details, particularly on mobile devices. This may mean incorporating one of your chosen site links to your contact details page as well as hooking it up to a PPC strategy.

Mobile users won’t want to spend hours surfing on a small screen simply to find your phone number or email address so if you want their business, you’ll need to make it as easy as possible for them!

Talk to the experts

An internet marketing agency can help you with all of the above SEO strategies and more, to make sure your business is being the best it can possibly be.